418 E. Breckinrige St.
  Louisville, KY 40203

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The Barbee Company, Inc.


The Barbee Co., Inc. takes pride in providing an extensive line of parts and
supplies to make any radiator repair shop complete. We will make your job easier
by supplying you with test caps, expansion plugs, torches, brushes,
Contact our representative at
800-626-5302 for friendly and knowledgeable service.

fluxes and paint, just to name a few. Barbee has a national network of distributors, as well as their warehouse in Louisville, plus a Canadian warehouse, so when you need parts and supplies you don’t have to wait, we will ship what you need the same day. 

Test Caps
Expansion Plugs Drain Cocks
Filler Necks Solder
Gasket Tape Paint
Overflow Tubing Epoxy
Chemicals & Fluxes Brushes|
Thermometers Torches
Replacement Tanks Gloves
Oil Coolers Tools
Cooling System Tester Clamps
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